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Testimonials and Helpful Hints


"What promised to be an enormous task of overwhelming proportions actually resulted in a very smooth and stress-free event-drawers set, closets hung, beds made, furniture in place and pictures on the walls. It was as if a magic wand had been swept before me and I was in and ready to get on with my life".

Ria Scoma, La Jolla CA


"I've moved many times and I've always done it myself. This time I simply couldn't face the work and stress that I knew was involved. I feel so lucky that I found Moving Made Easy! Your team was terrific. They took meticulous care of everything. And at the end of the day we were able to fall into our beautifully made bed. Thank you so much! We'll be referring people to Moving Made Easy for years to come."

Francine and Glenn Crocker, San Diego, CA


"Ann really helped during the 9th inning and 11th hour figuring out how to orchestrate a move that entailed items going concurrently to three different venues (A new home, an apartment and storage)

Ann is very professional and easy to work with – especially under stressful times. She has lots of experience is very helpful and her fees are very reasonable. I am very deliberate and cautious – Ann far exceeded my expectations."

Michael G, Seattle WA



1. If you have young children and/or pets, try to make arrangements for them to be elsewhere during the packing, moving and unpacking process. Experience has taught us that moving can be a traumatic event for them. On moving day, small children and pets can hinder the moving crews and perhaps cause an accident.

2. If family or friends ask what they can do to be helpful, ask for some childcare and/or pet sitting, or for a potluck dinner delivered at the end of moving day.

3. In the month prior to your move, enclose a change of address notification with your payment when paying bills.

4. Make calls for change of utilities, cable, telephone service, etc. at least two weeks in advance of your move to ensure that you have the changeover dates that you need. In case there is an unexpected delay, have utilities and telephone turned on at the new home the day before you move and off at the old home the day after whenever possible.

5. If you have sophisticated sound and computer equipment, call the installer to dismantle everything. If moving locally have them reinstall at the new home.

6. Prepare a “Sanity Box” and keep it with you. It needs to hold all of the items you need during the course of the move, such as address book, telephone, tape, scissors, basic tools, picnic supplies, bathroom items, sheets, towels, first aid kit, medical and pet records.


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